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Qigong means 'controlling Qi'

You have probably experienced Qi and been aware of it, but perhaps without knowing what it was. Find out more about Qi.


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REN XUE live-in Retreat near Fresno, California 

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April 4-12, 2019

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 The focus is on the consciousness with emphasis on realization and wisdom. 

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Yuan Gong is a powerful style of Qigong and is part of a broader, theoretical system of study of human life, called REN XUE. The purpose of Yuan Gong is to deal with the here and now in our life. It is very practical.

Yuan Gong looks at human life in its totality, meaning that all aspects of life are taken care off together, and this makes it very effective. 

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Some of the benefits of practicing Yuan Gong include:

    • Calmer and more focused mind.
    • Mind and body more unified – this reduces the risk of injuries, enhances physical performance and promotes healing.
    • Qi and blood flowing better – this feels good! enhances mental and physical performance and promotes healing.
    • The gentle movements of the practice will alert you of areas of your body that have blockages, often well before physical symptoms appear, and you will be able to unblock these areas relatively easily.
    • A greater sense of well-being − this helps being happy! and is a good foundation for life development.
    • The changes in you will bring changes to your environment, including people. There will be more harmony in your life.  

If you are already dealing with a serious or stubborn illness or injury, Yuan Gong is an opportunity for you to work more deeply than the physical dimension. It is compatible with conventional health care you may be receiving and can be practiced at the same time. I am trained to guide you safely and can adapt the methods to your condition. If need be, I may even teach you how to practice without movements, until you have regained some mobility or it is safe to move again.


What do people experience with Yuan Gong practice?

    • People often experience surprising changes in their life that are specific to their situation, so the best attitude is to be relaxed and open to change, without having too defined expectations. 
    • Sometimes people experience a dramatic improvement or remission (a so-called miracle) of a health issue. These events happen when all the conditions are right for it. We will work in class towards setting the conditions for healing.  
    • The more common scenario is for people to initially experience a general sense of well-being and subtle or sometimes no changes in the symptoms that concern them the most. Later, however, the fruit of their practice starts to surface and to show at the physical level with an easing or complete disappearance of their symptoms.
    • Since the consciousness also shifts through Yuan Gong practice, it is not uncommon for people to notice that an old symptom has gone, without knowing whether it left them one week or two months ago. Their focus had shifted to their whole life and health, and it appears that the cause of their symptom was taken care of without them being aware of it.   
    • The general sense of well being and lightness, however, almost always happens very quickly and usually becomes very strong with regular practice.
    • People who are in a lot of physical, emotional or mental pain, sometimes need more time for the mind to relax and to allow their life to heal, but a little bit of persistence soon pays off. There is also the option to take a one-on-one session in order to address a particular issue more specifically. 
    • Students very often mention that there is more harmony in their life and in their interactions with other people (actually, almost all of them say that).

I am a fully certified Qigong teacher and therapist, and a research scientist (see bio).