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A short video about

Yuan Gong



Qigong means 'controlling Qi'

You have probably experienced Qi and been aware of it, but perhaps without knowing what it was. Find out more about Qi.





Why learn Yuan Gong?

    • Move beyond common practices which focus primarily on the physical level to deeper, more comprehensive methods designed to fully unify the body, consciousness and self to generate tangible, dramatic changes
    • Learn safe, effective still and movement-based methods that expand consciousness as well as build and strengthen the vital energies which represent the basic foundation of our health and well-being 
    • Know how to cultivate key qualities of trust, openness, love, gratitude and true respect, both internally and externally
    • Create a better life by adopting internal approaches that enable us to deal effectively with personal challenges from an emotional, mental, behavioral and interpersonal perspective


Happening soon  

Foundation Workshop on Life Cultivation  

Monday March 13 and 20, 12.30 – 3 pm

Many of us are aware that the problems facing humanity - health, wellbeing, our relationship with ourself, with each other and with nature -  and our inability to deal with them properly, has something to do with the state of the human consciousness. This needs to change now, but how do we do it?


How do we change deep-set thoughts and habits? There is no weekend fix for this, but there is a way to get started immediately and effectively. 


You will gain knowledge on:

    • What is a human life?
    • What is our place in the universe?
    • What is Qi (a.k.a. life force, energy)? Where is Qi? 
    • What is the relationship between Qi and a human life?
    • What is the relationship between Qi and human consciousness?
    • What is human consciousness?

This knowledge will help you know better who you are and see how the exercises below can help you.


What you will do:

    • Learn the two foundational methods of Yuan Qigong (Gathering Qi and Nourishing Qi)
    • Experience benefits of this practice in class:
      • feel more stable, more focused and refreshed
      • experience relaxation which is the foundation for health and wellbeing 

What you will take home: 

    • An experience of what Yuan Qigong can do for you.
    • Two powerful practices that can change your life if you practice them regularly.
    • A deeper understanding of who you are and how to take care of your life, so that you can keep growing and help others more effectively.
    • If you are dealing with a health issue or are feeling anxious about the state of the world, these methods will empower you and bring stability to your body and mind. This is such a precious gift, and is possibly a new beginning for you. 


This is a two-part workshop:

    • Small class size (max 8)
    • Time: Monday March 13 and 20, 12.30 – 3 pm
    • Location: NW Calgary, T3A 0B6
    • Registration fee: $80 – thank you for your contribution which makes these workshops possible. If money is a barrier for you, please contact me and we will find a solution. 
    • No prior knowledge is required for this workshop – everyone is welcome. 
    • Ren Xue Teachers: if you wish to attend, please contact me.  

How to register: 

You can pay through Paypal or Interac e-transfer to

Once I receive your payment you are registered. 


Cancellation policy: 

Since this is an in-person event, I need to put clear deadlines in place. Thank you for your understanding. 

    • Up to March 5 included: $60 refund
    • After March 5 – no refund OR In exceptional circumstances (eg hospitalization, death in the family) contact me for a $40 refund.  


Contact Sabine  

REN XUE Class  

We're taking a break, contact me if you would like to join. 

Time zone: Calgary, Canada, MST

Some experience required.



This class is to work deeply on the information of our life, especially the heart and consciousness/mind. We start with a 1 hour deeply nourishing Yuan Gong practice and continue with 1 hour REN XUE teachings and guided discussion. Working this way on Qi and information can bring deep and stable benefits to life that can often be felt instantly. 


Weekly group practices     

Will resume shortly, contact me if you would like to join.

Will be offered in-person with the option to join via Zoom

Drop-in format, some experience required

Dates TBD


Fee: $5/practice or a pass for 6 practices @ $20. 

Please pay electronically, instructions here 



This is an opportunity to practice with other people, and benefit from the support of the group and in a stronger Qifield. There is no teaching.  


Private instruction and therapy

Working one-on-one can help address your specific life issues, physical restrictions or class needs. 

    • Tailoring the Yuan Gong practice to your specific needs  
    • Totality Healing: External Qi therapy and guidance (they work together)

By appointment 

Location: Calgary T3A 0B6 or online via ZOOM.

Fees  - 

    • $60 for a 1 hr session
    • $80 for a 90 min session
    • $40 for missed meetings and cancellations less than 24 hrs in advance.
    • There is a one-time special of $50 for your first (90 min) session with me. * 

Payment options and cancellation policy