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Yuan Gong logoQigong is probably best known in Canada in the context of the martial arts where it is used to develop physical strength and abilities in combat.  There are many styles of Qigong and they may serve different purposes.

Historically, however, the fundamental purpose of Qigong was to help people achieve a higher level of health and realization. The oldest records of Qigong practice date back 7000 years, although the name does not appear as such in the records until about 2000 years ago. So there is a lot of human knowledge compiled in these methods.


The Qigong styles that are incorporated in the REN XUE system for the study of human life are also for the purpose of life cultivation, as was done traditionally, but benefit from recent advances in Qigong research.


Qi-gong means controlling or mastering Qi. Many people understand Qi as a form of energy, but Qi is more than energy and it is therefore best to just call it Qi. There is no accurate English translation for it.