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Yuan Gong


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Yuan Gong

Yuan Gong is a new Qigong system with unique qualities. One that will probably speak to most of you is that it can give powerful effects with relatively short practice sessions compared to other styles. 


One reason for this is that Yuan Gong can take you into a deep state quickly and relatively easily. The movements are specifically designed to be natural and simple so that the mind can easily rest and settle into an increasingly calmer state. Another reason is the depth of the theory on which this system is founded and which helps make every aspect of every form particularly effective. 



Kokanee Lake, BC, August 2013.


Yuan Gong is also more comprehensive. It is a practical system for working on life as a whole and therefore, right from the first method, the mind/consciousness is supported through the practice, so it can heal. When life starts to heal, it’s like going home to a place where we always knew we belonged: it feels good, life becomes more enjoyable and we can keep growing there. That’s how life should be all the time.


Yuan Gong works mainly with original Qi which can add considerably to the effectiveness of the practice. This is Qi before dividing into Yin and Yang. This original Qi is everywhere in the universe. It is the origin of everything in the universe and is in everything. Working at this level can have profound effects on life, including health.


Yuan Gong has a sound theoretical basis. This is very important. Here is an analogy to help you see why theory matters: if you were to build a bridge, you could hire a contractor who may eventually get the job done through experience and trial and error. But a safer and more efficient way to do it would be to hire an engineer who can make plans based on the load carrying capacities of the materials and the design. Similarly, the deep, systematic knowledge that is embedded in these particular Qigong methods can get you where you want to be, faster and safely.