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Click the Yuan Gong logo to watch a short video on Yuan Gong. 

Logos explained

Ren Xue logo: The Chinese characters

Yuan: Circle, complete, fulfilled, well-integrated.

Tong: Free and smooth flowing without barrier or obstructions.

Ling: Powerful and lively, effective, the active power of Shen, realization of intention.

Ming: Realization, enlightenment, clarity, understanding, wisdom.


Yuan Tong Ling Ming

Through continuous learning and practicing of Yuan Tze Ren Xue, more and more people can achieve health in body and mind, elevation of life, and realization and enlightenment, so that human society can be truly improved.


The Hands

These are Yuan Tze's own hands in the posture known as Hunyuan Hands, the posture of the Yin-Yang Taiji symbol, thumbs on the eyes of the Yin and Yang fish, symbolizing Yin and Yang balance. Hunyuan Hands is a posture to bring the universal Qi to the centre of the human body, located at Hunyuan Qiao (the centre of Qi connection and storage on a deeper level). Hands are used to symbolize human life because they are closely connected with life and they manifest life. The hands on the logo are one with the blue sky which symbolizes the life force of the universe. The hands and blue sky create the meaning of the harmonious unification of humans, nature and the universe.


The writing

Yuan Tong Ling Ming in Chinese characters is around the bottom edge of the logo and Yuan Tze Ren Xue in English characters and in red is around the top edge. This is to show that Yuan Tze Ren Xue has its root in Chinese culture and is radiating out to the whole world.


Origin of the logo

The picture of the logo came to Yuan Tze naturally when he was in a special Qigong state.

© Yuan Tze Centre 


Yuan Gong logo

It is good to look at the Ren Xue and the Yuan Gong logos together.


The Ren Xue logo is larger, because Yuan Gong is a subsystem of Ren Xue. The two are not independent.


The blue color in the Ren Xue logo symbolizes the universe, the void. The yellow in the Yuan Gong logo symbolizes the Earth, the soil, the material, the methods. This is where we are. Yuan Gong is practical.  We have an expansive view of the universe, but our effort is on ourselves, on Earth.


The two Chinese characters are in a very ancient style. They symbolize the fundamental source of Yuan Gong and the wisdom coming from many ancient Chinese people to us.  It means that the source of Yuan Gong is not Yuan Tze’s imagination.  The two words on top are what the source is trying to deliver and is in English because it is an international language. Yuan Gong is meant to serve all people.


The Taiji symbol in the centre of the circle symbolizes oneness (before the Yin/Yang), and from there comes everything. Taiji is not conspicuous, but is the source in everything and nourishes everything. The Taiji symbol goes clockwise, meaning it is following Dao in its development, and the upward opening on the left shows that it is at the beginning of the upward movement.  The Taiji symbol is not perfect, because there is nothing perfect in the universe. Everything is in the process of development. There is light radiating from the centre of the Taiji.


The logo is round. Yuan means round. The universe is round, is one. Round symbolizes one. Yuan also means one, complete, all encompassing. When human and nature are highly harmonized, we call that one. Note the use of Yuan in the Ren Xue symbol also. 


The logo represents the essence of what Yuan Gong can do. Try to stay quietly with it to understand what it has to say.