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For the love of life

   Since I had my first Qigong workshop session a few months ago, I have been practicing Qigong every day. I like it a lot because it allows me to live the present moment fully and thus tune into my inner energy. I find that when I empty my mind of any thoughts, as when I practice Qigong, I feel more positive afterwards and it helps me to be more aware of the mind chatter that so easily wants to invade my mind constantly and prevent me from feeling my inner guidance.

   I also like Qigong because it helps me to consciously improve the circulation of energy into my body, which I truly believe is an important key to reach vibrant health. And it is one of my profound life objectives.  Sophie. Calgary June 9, 2014


On the good state

For a book on healing, I (Sabine) was asked to share some of my experiences of the "healthy consciousness". This is not easy to do, but here is my attempt using two of my own stories. 

Part I: The flight home 

   Trans-oceanic flights were never a good deal for me. I feared the excruciating pain that would often develop deep in my head, the obstinate vomiting and the invasive gazes. Drugs were of little use in controlling such migraines. 

   I felt like a sitting duck. Obviously, there were triggers  more.....

 New Zealand's South Island